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Eliminate almost all of your unplanned Maintenance Downtime with Preventive Vibration Analysis.

When the failure of a machine halts production, the results can be catastrophic. 

Vibration analysis can identify potential operating problems and prepare 
recommendations - usually without requiring any downtime

Preventive Vibration Analysis Corp. (PVAC) performs the diagnostics and submits recommendations for your maintenance team's consideration ... to get your machines back into operation as quickly as possible. More importantly, however, we perform vibration analysis as a preventative, proactive, prognostic measure against equipment failures.

Most physical systems vibrate at particular frequencies that can be read and interrupted by vibration analysis as to the health of the system. A good bearing vibrates differently than a bad bearing ... a good gear vibrates differently than a bad gear. Vibration analysis not only can determine which component will fail, but trending can help you know when to expect the failure and give you advanced notice so you can fix the problem before it adversely effects operations.

With preventive vibration analysis your company can schedule and perform the needed maintenance so you can avoid the majority of equipment failure during production.


People get a CAT scan .... Machines get Vibration Analysis



Preventive Vibration Analysis Corp
163 Holiday Shores Road
Scottsboro, Alabama 35769
(256) 509-8304
(256) 881-5820 [fax]

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